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It is better to live life like Cherry Blossom:
A short but brilliant life dying only when you are the most brilliant. Only a fool lets himself wilt.
Tsung Tsu

“Like the cherry blossom which falls from the tree in its prime,
the samurai must have no regrets when his life is cut off."

This left-hand column is wide enough to add any content you wish to keep separate from the main area, or be especially noticeable.

You could place your link buttons here, replacing the demo buttons with the ones appropriate to your site (choose from 30 useful titles in the zip file.)

If you add other images, take care that they are not wider than the space allows (@150 pixels) or the complete layout will be messed up.

Design Notes:
The page template included in the zip file is what you see here, and consists of nested tables to keep the various areas separate. The page will expand and contract both width and lengthways automatically to suit different browser resolutions.

The font is "Suchow" from The Scriptorium & the image is from ArtToday.

You may use this set on your personal web pages in return for a link back to Groovy Lizard on the same page(s) as the graphics, using the matching lizard-link button below.
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