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The first of two sets using the same layout, illustrating how pattern, fonts & colour can give a very different feel to a page. If you prefer something more conservative, try this version instead!


The set centres round a fixed width iframe layout which while perhaps not suitable for a complete novice, can be fairly easily adapted to your own requirements simply by renaming, adding, or removing links on the main page, and renaming, adding, or removing corresponding html pages. The three main points to remember are:

1. If you add content wider than the page tables allow, the iframe will scroll horizontally as well as vertically.

2. You must specify targets for your links:

External links should have target="_top" or target="_blank" attached to them.

Internal links from the main page menu need target="iframe" specifying.

3. Some older browsers can't display iframes, so a 'noframes' page is included which has a links menu to all the other pages. People using these browsers will be shown a message explaining the problem and given a link to this alternate page.


The font used is Windows 'Bauhaus' and the filing cabinets were adapted from one of Jeff's dings.

Terms :

You may use this set on your personal web pages in return for a link back to Groovy Lizard on the same page(s) as the graphics, using the matching lizard-link button below.
Please read the enclosed Terms of Use page before using anything.

Commercial sites must purchase a licence.
Find out how Here.

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