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Welcome to my Longhorns Page

This page is dedicated to my mom, Lois B. Gross, a dedicated Longhorn fan who passed away May 3, 1995.

Lois B. Gross
May 19, 1926-May 3, 1995

Welcome to my Longhorn page.  If you are not (what?) a Longhorn fan, come on in anyway and check out what I've got.  Maybe it'll convert you.

First let me tell you a little about myself.  I'm not a native Texan (but I got here as fast as I could!) having been born into a military family, but my dad is a native Texan and we settled in Austin.  I grew up on Texas football and the Longhorns.  I have been a dedicated fan all my life and love everything about Longhorn football.  Growing up we were able to go to a few of the football games, even those before the upper deck on the west side was built.  Once I got older and married and moved on, I watched as many of the games that were televised that I could.  The worst part was when my family and I spent time overseas with the military. We didn't get to see many Texas games, and those that we did see were delayed, so I already knew who won.  Once back in the states, we lived in some of those other states that could care less about the Longhorns.  Shame on them!  Hubby finally retired from the Air Force and we lived north of Dallas for several years before moving to just south of Ft. Worth now. 

My dad and I had season tickets from 1996 to 2004 at which time we both had to stop going to the games.  I had by-pass surgery in 2004 and really wasn't able to drive to Austin for the games, and my dad was living in an assisted living center in Waco and wasn't physically able to do all the walking involved.  We both decided that we'd just sit at home in our comfortable chairs and watch the games.  It wasn't too long though before my dad wasn't even able to do that.  He was diagnosed with Alzheimer's in 2006 and had so much trouble following the game that he quit watching them.  Then on Jan. 27, 2008, my dad, my UT football buddy passed away.  I no longer have anyone to chat up the game with.  When my dad was alive, and it was a televised game, one of us would call the other during half-time and then again after the game was over. 

I have two children, a girl and boy and they are both Texas fans, even though they really don't care for football.  My daughter had the opportunity to go to a Texas game and she was fascinated by the cheerleaders and the flips that they do after each score.  To tell you how much my daughter knows about football, she asked me at her first game what "inning" they were in.  She now knows the difference between football and baseball.  :-)  She wanted to be a veterinarian at one time but was told that she couldn't go to A & M.  No child of mine will go to that school!  My son is not really into football.  He played flag football for one season but wasn't very good at it.  I don't think I'll have a football player in my family.  My husband is a transplanted Texan, having been born in Georgia, but spending most of his life traveling with the military.  He's not really into football either, but will always root for the Longhorns, if he knows what's good for him. 

My mom was a transplanted Texan too, and truly loved the Longhorns.  Whenever I was in Austin, she'd always give up her ticket so that I could go to a game.  She passed away in 1995, and that's how I ended up with a season ticket, but I would gladly have given up my ticket to have her back with us.  She is deeply missed by all of us. 

My sister roots for Texas, but she's not really a fan.  She use to live in Roswell, NM where the only thing they have there is UFO's.  Now she's back in Waco. 

My brother is a traitor and lives in Bryan so of course is an Aggie fan.  He's also a Baylor fan.  He's never been a Texas fan (so he says) and he even works the Aggie home games.  Of course he's the weird one in the family :)

Now onto the good stuff!

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