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I'm looking for something...but I don't know what it is!

Hi all!  I'm in the process of changing my links page.  As you can see under internet helpers, there's not much there.  That's because I have made another page that includes the internet helpers on it.  Click that link, & it will take you to my new links page.  Just trying to be helpful is all, and make it easier for you all to find the things you want.  So, keep checking back every so never know when something might change on this site!


Fun Places to Go

Wanna do the Chicken Dance?

Places To Go That I Didn't Know Where To Put Them!?!

Faces of Adoption
Welcome to HGTV!

Automobile Info

CarMax - New And Used Cars And Trucks From The Auto Superstore! Welcome to Car Prices Plus: The Auto buyer's Internet Connection. National Highway Traffic Safety Admin. - Safety Problems & Issues
Motor Trend CAR CARE Center for Auto Safety TexasAutos

Where To Find Good Music!

The 70's Traveler Real Audio Music Page. 

Harry S. Anchan presents some of his most favorite RARE hit songs that once filled the airwaves Vol. 1 Sounds of the Seventies

Forums, Catalogs, On-line Trading, etc., etc.!
eBay-Your Personal Trading Community

Introduction to

Free Stuff Central-Contests, Freebies, Sweepstakes, Giveaways, Digital Postcards, etc.

Just Some Fun Places To Go!

Assassin - Kill Celebrities
Pocket Sandwich Theatre
Bored.Com - Have Some Fun On The Internet Uproar! -- Free Games! Win Prizes! The Story of the Colors 
 Be a Karaoke Star 
Magic Cyber Camera water balloon FreeLotto Sweepstakes - Sweepstakes, Contests, Free Giveaways, Sweepstakes Listings
The Easter Egg Archive: Easter Eggs in Software, Movies, Music, and More

Planning a Trip? Get Maps, Weather and Other Info Here!

Weather Underground
The Weather Channel
Welcome To!
 Mapsco Map and Travel Online

Doggie and Kitty Cat Sites!

Pet Loss Grief Support, Rainbow Bridge, Monday Candle Ceremony
Purina Dog Chow
Welcome To Purina!
Purina Cat Chow: Create Your Cat's Home Page
American Toy Fox Terrier Club
Toy Fox Terriers 

Educational Resources

American School Directory - Your Interactive Gateway to All 108,000 K-12 Schools
Cedar Valley College Vet Tech Program

Texas Education Agency Homepage
Gradfinder - Keeping people in touch around the world.

Newspapers and Magazines
Roswell Daily Record Online
Health, Medical and Family Links
TRICARE, Military Health System
Wired Seniors A Web of Your Own
Health World Online

Tests, Tests, and More Tests!

Tickle: Test, Matchmaking and Social Networking
Sean's List of Online Tests

Fun Places For Kids To Go To!

Welcome to Cartoon! -- The Web Site for Families
Game Informer Magazine - Web Edition - PlayStation, Nintendo 64, Sega, Codes
RPGamer - The Ultimate Key to RPGs

Electronic Greeting Cards!

Blue Mountain Arts' Electronic Greeting Cards - Make your feelings CLICK! Singing Greeting Cards

 Greeting Cards by 123 Greetings

Jokes, etc.!

Joke of the Day
Joke A Day

Internet Helpers

My page to help you search for things on the internet!


Graphics & Clip Art

Let's all do the Macarena!

Cool Archive  - free fonts, graphics, icons, animations, backgrounds, arrows, sounds
Cherished Memories / Chris Stern Animated Graphics
the Clipart Directory
Gifs, Icons, Lines, Backgrounds pg. 1
Graphics Links
Glee Graphics
Birch Grove Graphics
Genealogy Graphics


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