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I became interested in Scrapbooking about several years ago.   I have been really impressed with all the Scrapbooking pages that I have seen in the stores, on the internet and even at the Scrapbooking Convention.  Whoever thought up the idea of scrapbooking really deserves an award.  It's a great way to combine your photographs with your family history.  I attended the Scrapbooking Convention held at the Arlington Convention Center in the past and even took some of the classes that they had.  I had so much fun and learned so much when I attended a beginners class on scrapbooking, that I went home and showed my daughter the page I did, and together we put together three pages.  I know that doesn't sound like a whole lot, but when you consider that I'd had all of the supplies for quite some time...well, you get the picture.  Since that time I have completed many more pages, in fact almost one years worth of pictures for a special album I'm doing for my daughter.  I'm hoping to eventually post pictures of the pages I have done that will maybe give others ideas.  I still have a long way to go with my scrapbooking skills though.  I had to take a break from it for a while as we ran out of space for me to do it in.  And other things popped up that have prevented me from doing more pages.  Hopefully soon I'll be able to get back into it again.  I would love to be able to try some of the new techniques I've seen and attend some classes and cropping parties (I've never been to one!   )  There are some excellent sites out there to get information from, and I've listed some of them here.  I'll add more as I come across them.  Thanks for stopping by and Happy Scrapping!

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