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Links and other navigational elements can go here.

This table as well as the one on the right will increase in size vertically as you add text or images here.

All the images are included in the zip file.

The most efficient way to use this is to create a folder called summerbright and download all of the images into it. After downloading open the folder and click on the html document and it will open just as it appears here.

Give credit to Blogger with a matching linkback button.



This is the table for your text. It resides within a cell of the main table at 90% of the cell's width.

All of the code that is used to create this set needs to be pasted into the template at the blogger site. Click on "Template" in the upper blogger menu and there will be a window where the code will reside.

Copy everything in the code that is before this text into the Blogger template before the code (in the template itself) which reads <Blogger>.

All of the code that wasn't copied previously (and excluding this text) is to be copied and pasted into the blogger template after the code reading </Blogger>

The title image at the center of the top graphic is blank in the zip file so you can add your own blogger title.

The square at the base has not been diced. If you use it for linkage it will need to be used as an image map. Or you can just put your specifications in it, as I have, from your graphics/text program. The image that you receive in the zip file is blank.


There is a small transparent gif image above each of the tables that would house your links and navigational elements. I've placed them there so the tables would stay somewhat seperate from the title. They are included in the zip file or you can remove them if you desire.

And of course this set comes with the obligatory divider bar and a little bullet to use as you see fit.


This Blogger template is linkware. A linkback to is required on any and all pages that use this template.

Please view the Terms of Use for further information on using this set.

No button is required for linkback. The text link and mapping that I've placed in the base of this page must remain with the file when it's used.

This must be uploaded to your server. Do not link to the images from mine.

If you decide to use this and would like to be listed on my well dressed sites page please drop me a line.

You can download the zip file here.

Return to the previews or go back to the template index (a new window will open. Don't forget to close this one.



Another menu for links and navigational elements.

You can use both menus as shown or one or both can be deleted by deleting the table they are contained in.

Point of Focus Graphics