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violet: [n] low-growing herbs of the genus Viola, having short-spurred, irregular flowers. characteristically purplish-blue but sometimes yellow or white. the unique genus Violetta groovylizard is green & purple.

The 'Violetta' set includes images for the fully bordered table, various headers, backgrounds & page dividers, guestmap & navbar, 30 pre-labelled buttons, plus several little violets to dot around your pages.

Design Notes:
The page template included in the zip file is what you see here, and consists of bordered nested tables which will expand and contract both width and lengthways automatically to suit different browser resolutions.
The guestmap uses 'hotspots' for links and the html is commented with which bits of this to copy and alter - just remember to replace the # in the href="#" tags with your own link urls.
All the main images have been saved as transparent gifs, so they must be placed on the backgrounds they are shown on.


The font used is "Fontleroy Brown" by Nick Curtis, the floaties script is by Kurt Grigg at Dynamic Drive
and the violet came from Mark Charneski's fabulous site, Mark's Fresh Flower Scans

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Terms :
You may use this set on your personal web pages in return for a link back to Groovy Lizard on the same page(s) as the graphics, using the matching lizard-link button below.
Please read the Terms first.

Commercial sites must purchase a licence. Find out how Here.


Graphics & Design Copyright ©Groovy Lizard Ltd™ 2002.
All Rights Reserved.

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