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Willow Pattern

A soothing oriental set to use on your personal pages, journals or blogs.

About The Set:

The set includes 2 borders, several headers, guest & navmaps, over 20 pre-labelled buttons, plus an assortment of blossoms to dot around your pages. Blanks are included for you to customise the titles in your favourite paint programme.


Design Notes:

An unusual two frame lay-out, with the extra wide top frame consisting of several separate tables to hold your content and the bottom one purely for decoration, although you can design your own original layouts using any of the included graphics.
If you do use this layout, just be careful not to add too much to the individual tables or they will expand height-wise and spoil the flow of the design.

Terms of Use:


You may use this set on your personal web pages in return for a link back to Groovy Lizard on the same page as the graphics, using the matching lizard-link button below.
Please read the Terms first.

Commercial sites must purchase a licence. Find out how Here.


Download the un-branded set here:  .zip for PC   .sit for MAC

Graphics & Design Copyright ©Groovy Lizard Ltd™ 2001. All Rights Reserved.