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The flowers that bloom in the Spring Tra la...

Howdy Y'all! Welcome to my website.  I know you are probably wondering why I call it my website "Terry's Chaos" when after working on it for a while it's pretty well organized.  Quite frankly at the time, it was the only thing I could think of.  Not very imaginative is it?  When I wanted to make my own web pages, I had all these ideas running through my head but they weren't very organized since I had no clue where to start.  Henceforth, the name "Terry's Chaos".  I hope you enjoy my website.  There's loads of info here on just about anything that may interest you.  If you have any questions, just drop me a line and I'll try to answer it for you.  Enjoy!

Let me tell you a little bit about myself.  My name is Terry and  I'm from Texas.  Unfortunately, I'm not a native.  I was born in Charleston, SC.  My dad (a native Texan) was in the Air Force, and South Carolina is just where we happend to be stationed when I was born.  When I was about 2 yrs. old my dad got transferred to Bergstrom AFB in Austin.  I spent most of my young life in Austin, so I consider myself to be a Texan.  I graduated in 1973 from David Crockett High School (any Cougars out there?).  I have a beautiful daughter, a handsome son and a beautiful granddaughter. 

After living the Air Force life, my family and I were finally able to settle in one place, and of course that was Texas.  I've lived in California, Okinawa, Arkansas, Florida, Italy, Maryland, Colorado and of course Texas (San Angelo and San Antonio).  I love Texas and everything about it.  If you've never been to Texas, then you are missing out on some great things.  We have everything you could ever want just in one state.  Our winters are mild and even though the summers can get VERY HOT, you do get use to it (at least that's what we say!).  If you want to know more about Texas and see some great pictures of our state, check out the Texas Highways website.  You can also check out TravelTex: Texas it's Like a Whole Other Country or even the Texas Department of Transportation websites.  For a listing of just Texas Websites, go to Search Beat's The Texas Beat... Texas Internet Web Links.

I use to live Plano which is just north of Dallas, for about 6 years then moved out to the country on about 5 acres of land just 5 miles from the big town of Godley  Godley. I now live in south Ft. Worth.

I enjoy doing crafts and have been dabbling in scrapbooking.  Scrapbooking is a wonderful way to preserve your photographs and your family history.  As soon as I get more pages done, I plan to scan them and add them to my site.

I started homeschooling in September 2000.  My daughter graduated in May 2002 and my son just finished.  It has been a challenging experience but a rewarding one also.  Check out the page I have for homeschooling, especially if you have been thinking about doing it too.  You will never regret your decision to homeschool your child.

I have links to all sorts of interesting places on my Other Links page..  I really dislike having to try and find a page I've been to so I tend to bookmark just about every place I've ever visited.  I've been meaning to update these pages and will be redoing how it looks, so please bear with me. It will look great and be real simple to use once I get done.

I'm an avid TEXAS LONGHORN fan so check out my Longhorn pages.  Even though I'm not really a Dallas Cowboys fan, here is a link to their site.

Check out my page dedicated to Military Spouses.  Having been a military spouse, it's nice to be appreciated for all that we do.

Thanks for visiting!  Y'all come back now, ya hear!

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